April's New Moon First Look: RENEW

April's New Moon First Look: RENEW

When you think about Spring, what type of words come to mind? The newness that this time of year has to offer is so inspiring and refreshing. RENEW embodies all what springtime brings.

If you love airy, crisp, and clean scents, we have you covered.  

RENEW is one of four of our original scents when we launched our  shower steamers. Perfectly refreshing, its ideal for your a.m. shower routine. We're leveling up your self-care in April by extending this invigorating blend in all of our bodycare essentials. 

You know it wouldn't be Intimate Alchemy if it didn't have Energy Maintenance Affirmation  & a breakdown of the spiritual intentions of key essential oils. Get to know RENEW a little bit more.


ENERGY MAINTENANCE AFFIRMATION: Everything that happens in my life is for my highest good.






RENEW is gender neutral & highly anticipated by Intimate Alchemy Insiders.  

Available on the New Moon,  April 1st for purchase! Drop a comment below if you know about RENEW or if you're excited to try it!

Peace, Passion and Positive Vibes, 


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