Energy Essentials Set

Intimate Alchemy

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Birthdays, anniversaries,  holidays or just because,  our Energy Essentials Set is the perfect gift! Get your handcrafted bodycare exclusively in a bundle with just one click.

Our set includes: 

1 Shower Steamer (set of 6)

1 Body Cleanser (10 oz)

1 Energy Polish Salt Scrub (10 oz)

1 Body Elixir Oil (4 oz)

1 scoop (for the Energy Polish) 

Just choose the scent and you're all set!


Fragrance notes:

ZEN: Soothing blend of bamboo, coconut and florals.

GLOW UP: Subtle sexy blend of tonka, oud, jasmine, grapefruit & rose.

SOLITUDE: Clean blend of geranium, white currant, cypress & gin. *Unisex

KISS THE SKY: Bright blend of cashmere, golden apricots, blackberries and pralines

SUEDE NIGHTS: Smokey blend of cedarwood, grounding musk and warm vanilla. *Unisex

COZY:  Warm blend of coconut cream, chia seeds, white peach and whipped musk. *Unisex

NEW ERA: Seductive blend of bergamot, patchouli, magnolia & peony.

DREAM BIG: Blend of aromatic herbs, warm amber, and florals, kissed with gentle notes of bergamot and a woodsy, rich base of saffron.