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Intimate Alchemy

ENCHANTED Energy Polish

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Cure the winter blues with ENCHANTED. This chill fragrance has the floral notes of chamomile and lily with hints of  coconut water, oakmoss, tonka bean, eucalyptus and lavender.

Handcrafted with a mixture of dead sea, dentritic and epsom salts to bring cleansing and protection to your energy field while exfoliating your skin. Our blend of fragrance combined with fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil & vitamin E repairs, heals and nourishes your skin. The added glitter flakes leave a little suprise behind on your skin.

Net Wt. 12 oz

All products are handmade, cruelty free, and made in small batches.

Spiritual Intentions


Energy Maintenance Affirmation:  I am powerful when I am peaceful.