SUEDE NIGHTS Body Cleanser

Intimate Alchemy

$16.05 (Inc. Tax)
$15.00 (Ex. Tax)
11.00 Ounces

Inspired by the smokey cedarwood, grounding musk and the warmth of vanilla, Suede Nights is an experience of earthy relaxation. 

Love on yourself with Intimate Alchemy's vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich body cleanser. Our BODY CLEANSER produces slippery, creamy bubbles & contains cocamidopropyl betaine thought to have aid in antiseptic properties. Our custom fragrance blend works to lift mood and align your energy field.

Net Wt. 10 Fl Oz

All products are handmade, cruelty free, and made in small batches.

Spiritual Intentions:

Cedarwood: Inner Connection

Vanilla: Sensuality