In 2017, retired Sex Coach Takeysha Turnquest known by the alias Paige Diamond decided to delve into her spiritual path and create IntimateAlchemy.com as a source for personal spiritual transformation.

Her plans came to a hault when she found out she was pregnant. Immediately that child was named ALCHEMY, for alchemy is the art of transformation and she knew her life would forever changed. Little did she know, she was granted the opportunity to be a mother of twins and the other twin was named Khemistry.

Born almost 3 months premature, after 16 days of living, Alchemy decided to leave earthside, leaving his twin Khemistry behind.

Takeysha found herself battling depression and anxiety through her grief. She went on a quest to find renewed peace and understanding and through her meditations & spiritual cleanses the message was clear- Intimate Alchemy Spiritual Bath Salts was her path.

Takeysha, who was already a Usui Reiki Master understood the importance of energy work and vibrational frequencies saw her products as a way to be of service to those who have battled mental health challenges as she had.

As a former student of Aestetics at the Florida College of Natural Health at the age of 23 when she sought out to create her own bath and body product line had came full circle to realizing her dream business.

Intimate Alchemy has evolved from dead sea detoxifying bath soaks to an array of bodycare essentials that tackle mental & spiritual wellness. Through Intimate Alchemy's products, Takeysha seeks to heal as many people as she can through the ritual of taking care of oneself.

Your ENERGY Makes You Shine

Energy is neutral and can be used in a myriad of ways.

At Intimate Alchemy, we understand that your energy enters into a space well before you do, so proper cleansing and alignment is top priority.

When you're feeling negative, you need time to be still and gain clarity.

What better way to do that than to take a salt bath or transform your bathroom  into a sauna, diffusing some oil blends into your environment and reset? We sure can't think of one!