What is Energy Maintenance?

What is Energy Maintenance?

When you think of Self-Care, what typically comes to mind? Is it a spa day? Reading a book? Going for a walk? Personal care treats? What if I told you,self-care was deeper than that?

Now I'mnot saying that self-care isn't any of those things because at the end of the day, we take care of ourselves in the ways we best know how. Did you ever stop to consider that self-care includes how you maintain your energy source? Your personal power?

So think about this. Each and every single day, we are bombarded with requests hell even demands of our attention, our energy, our power. The constant draining of your power leaves you feeling depleted and pretty scattered. You just want to get the hell away from everyone and hide. Do you know why this is? It's because you simply have not made a vital part of your wellness central to your self-care ritual- Energy Maintenance.

male and female auraEnergy Maintenance is the act of turning your self-care ritual into a practice of honoring yourself through mindfulness and personal care essentials that aid you in the cleansing and protecting of your energy field. Take for instance our Energy Polishes. They are high key a spiritual bath in a jar. By providing the cleansing, protecting and detoxifying benefits of salt while using earth energy by way of the plant oils (ie. coconut oil) as well as essential and fragrance oils to alter your mood, we're bringing a good old fashioned ocean energy cleanse right to your bathroom. 

Energy Maintenance is about calling back all of the energy you have given out to the world back to yourself. Its about putting yourself first and being kind to yourself, if only for 5 minutes a day. Its about aligning your energy field so you can be the best version of you for you and for those around you. 

Imagine the mental state the world would be in, if only they nurtured, supported, protected and understood the importance of their energy. We would be more mindful in our thoughts, words and actions as a whole. We would be delibrate in our daily routines. We would be present and more mindful.

It's high time to normalize Energy Maintenance, don't you think?


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