Owner of Intimate Alchemy Takeysha Turnquest

Hey, I’m the owner and creator of Intimate Alchemy, Takeysha Turnquest but you can call me Keys. As a mother, life partner & Usui Reiki Master, I know how important it is to nurture your energy. It's vital to replenish all of the energy you give to the world in order to be your best & authentic self. Intimate Alchemy was created out of my passion for healing and also as a vessle for transformation I knew I needed to share with the world.  Each product created has been well thought out and made with love and healing vibrations.  I appreciate your business and support.



Intimate Alchemy is defined as a personal process of transformation or creativity. Our detoxifying salt soaks, shower steamers,  body elixirs & energy polishes are created with the intent to heal others. Through turning bath & shower time into a powerful self-care ritual, we empower individuals to cleanse, protect and realign their energy field as well as mind & body.

  • Intentional. Every ingredient used is chosen with a specific therapuetic purpose.
  • Authentic. Each product is original, tested by human beings, not animals and handmade.
  • Transformative. From our packaging to our product, Intimate Alchemy seeks to create an experience that delights the senses while you indulge in your self-care rituals.


To combat anxiety & depression, one bath & shower at a time by providing products that are created with healing,  loving & positive energy.


Intimate Alchemy is dedicated to providing handcrafted self-care that aid in the discovery of self love & peaceful indulgence.