Check the FAQs below to see if they answer your question. If not feel free to shoot us a message on the Contact page or in our live chat. 

  • Our orders are all shipped directly from the warehouse within 48 business hrs of purchase.
  • We'll deliver your product within 5 to 12 business days due to the delays related to COVID-19.

What about exchanges, returns & refunds?

Intimate Alchemy does not offer refunds, exchanges or returns on any of our products offered for sale.

Why No Returns or Exchanges You Ask?

Due to all products being handcrafted, we do not offer returns on any products that have been sent out. We do not want to receive a product that has been tainted and send it out for resale to another customer. Each restock, there are a certain number of products offered. If we were to entertain returns or exchanges due to production costs, we would incur a 20%  additional cost which would then have to be passed on to you, our customer.  We'd rather not do that. Instead we ask that you make sure that the product that you choose is what you want and will use.

For the Detoxifying Salt Soaks, how much do I use?

In order to get the maximum benefit of a dead sea salt bath, we recommend using 2 scoops of our soaks. Each bath soak is sent with a complimentary scoop.

How often should I take a dead sea salt bath?

We'll leave that up to you and what your aim is for using our bath soaks. There's no such thing as too many baths!