Simple Ritual to Release Negativity

Simple Ritual to Release Negativity


Each person is under the law of his or her own consciousness. Just take care of your own thoughts." - Louise Hay

There's nothing that is more stifling than feeling stuck like there's just a cloud of negativity over you.

It's like no matter what, things just won't go right. Couple this with constant experiences back to back of all that is going wrong, you will undoubtedly get to a point where you come to expect the worse.

When you feel like something is holding you back from living the way you want to live it's crushing- it handicaps you.  Negativity has it's way of zapping you of positive energy but you don't have to allow that negativity to continue to have power over you.

There are so many techniques to remove negative energy but what about negative thoughts?



Everything starts with your thoughts. It's from your thoughts that we create our world because you're powerful. Sadly we live in a world that makes us question and doubt our power. We feel like we are just a victim of circumstances.

The truth is you're a victim of your social programming which shows itself as your thoughts.

You hear negative thoughts create negative situations all the time right but it doesn't mean shit without having a way to do something about it.

Here's a simple ritual that I've used many times in my life that allows for the release of negativity from your life. This of course is how I do it.  Remember, as an intimate alchemist you should feel free to alter this ritual to your liking. This serves only as a foundation.

Be honest with yourself, (which can be difficult) about what you feel negative about and what doesn't serve you in your life. If you're not clear, you will not be able to release negativity.

Burning Negativity

  • Take three deep breaths- in through your nose expanding your belly and out through mouth contracting your belly. This serves to center you and calm the mind.
  • Grab a pen and paper and write down all that is negative, depleting and doesn't serve your highest good that you are holding onto and has no purpose other than aiding in your stagnation.
  • When complete, go outside with your paper and light a fire pit.  Place paper in the fire and release all that was written. If you do not have a fire pit, you can use a brass incense bowl lined with sand/salt on your altar (to prevent burning the surface of your altar). Then light the paper and place it in the bowl and allow it to burn out.
  • Close the ritual out  by saying "And so it is", "So mote it be", "As I will it to be" or whatever you choose to declare that the release is complete.
  • Then give gratitude for the release by silently or verbally thanking yourself for your courage to let go.
  • Take three deep breaths again.

Have you tried this easy ritual to remove negativity from your life. How did you feel afterwards? How has your life changed since you've done this ritual?

I'd love to hear from you!

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~Peace, Passion & Positive Vibes~

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