The 4 Elements: FIRE

The 4 Elements: FIRE

The FIRE element has the ability to invoke passion, vitality and energy, consuming obstacles of self-imposed limitations & negativity.

 Fire is passion and intensity, both creative and destructive.

What is important to understand is that although it is a destroyer, it also rebirths. Think of the pheonix that rose from the ashes.

“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames.- Rumi

Akin to the root chakra, it’s is all about your survival instincts.

Intimate Alchemy’s FIRE bath salts, infused with black pepper, neroli and lemon speaks to the energy of this bath salt blend. 

Take Black pepper, for instance. It is a protector, which works to actively dissolve negative energy. Neroli works to restore balance to your energy field. Lastly, Lemon provides the needed energy to push forward.

The aroma is spicy, warm and sharp. Truly an unexpected surprise you’ll love.

This element asks the question: What is in your life that is blocking you from being amazing? What needs to be destroyed to bring forth the true you?

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