The Philosophy of Intimate Alchemy

We're redefining self-care.

Intimate Alchemy is defined as the process of personal transformation and creation.

The most sacred daily ritual is bath and shower time. Our handcrafted bath and body essentials invite you to stop stressing and invite the blessing of your own personal power. We're all about assisting you in replenishing all of the energy you give out to the world.

Meet The Creator

Hey! I'm Takeysha Turnquest and I'm beyond elated that you're here. As a Usui Reiki Master, I know the importance of energy work and the impact it has on mental health and wellness. For that reason I created Intimate Alchemy. Every product is specifically created, designed and handmade with the intention to heal, empower and realign you with your own personal power.

Our Backstory

Bottom Line, You Matter Most!


Every ingredient used is chosen with a specific energetic & spiritual purpose.


Each product is original, tested by human beings, not animals and handmade.


Intimate Alchemy seeks to create an experience that delights all of your senses as well as your mental wellness, while you indulge in your self-care rituals.