Self-care Essentials Created Mindfully

In a conscious effort to combat anxiety and depression, our products invoke the energy of personal transformation. Making space for mental health & energetic maintenance with our products, makes shower & bath time a sacred ritual.

Energy Maintenance is the NEW Self-care

Your bath & shower time is your most sacred daily ritual. At Intimate Alchemy, our handcrafted bath & body essentials cleanse and protect your energy field while nourishing your skin & boosting your mood.

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  • Step 1: Shower Steamers

    The power of smell is often underrated. When we smell something, we receive signals to our limbic system- the section of our brain that controls emotions and memory. Through our products, especially our shower steamers we use aromochology, the scientific study of scent to impact your mental and energetic state. Our shower steamers also use color to invoke intention and menthol to fight anxiety and depression while also aiding your immune system.

  • Step 2: Energy Polish

    Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days. By exfoliating your skin, you even out your skin tone, prevent acne breakouts, unclog your pores and buff away dead skin cells all while nourishing and healing your skin. Our Energy Polish gives you the additional benefit of being an energy cleanse through the use of salt and essential oils.

  • Step 3: Body Elixir

    Oils are a wonderful addition to your self-care ritual. They reintroduce loss moisture to your skin, improves skin barrier function allowing protection from free radicals like pollution. Oils also deliver nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants to your skin. Our Body Elixir provides the above benefits plus through the use of essential oils, provide a protective barrier for your aura field, keeping you balanced and energetically light.

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