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Intimate Alchemy

Custom Spiritual Blockage Set

Custom Spiritual Blockage Set

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This is more than a bodycare set, this is a energetic reset! Our Custom Spirutal Blockages Set is where mind, body and spirit intertwine.   Each set is customized to a spiritual imbalance of your choice, infused with Reiki! Get your handcrafted bodycare exclusively in a bundle with just one click.

Our set includes: 

1 Shower Steamer (set of 8)

1 Body Cleanser (8 oz)

1 Body Elixir Oil (8 oz)

1 Energy Polish (10 oz)

1 Dead Sea Salt Soak (24 oz)

1 herbal incense blend (2 oz)

Just choose the blockage type and you're all set! We'll contact you for the consult.



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